Anatomically speaking, I am a male, but  I’ve never been comfortable in my own skin.  Psychologically, I’ve always felt like more a woman than a man, and this conflict is the cause of a life-long depression I’m now trying to escape.

I have been married for twenty-two years, and I have teenage children.  I am committed to my family, so I have to balance this commitment with my own needs that I had been denying for so long it was making me ill.

I have my problems, obviously, but I am not crazy; I just have a killer case of gender dysphoria.  Still, I hope my friends would say that I’m someone they enjoy being around.  I’m a great listener.

I call this blog “My Silver Rider” in acknowledgment of the woman inside who talks to me.  She, like I am, is 48 years old, and the two of us are turning gray.  “Silver Rider” is a song by the band Low.  The lyrics kinda fit; thus, the name.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Laura Ann Dearman



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